Gary S.

I was very pleased with their service. We have a beautiful old oak that was beginning to dry up and lose leaves. It didn’t look healthy.  We were thrilled that the tree recovered.  We would highly recommend them.

Nancy B.

Just wanted you to know that I couldn’t be more pleased with the job that your crew did for me.  They were outstanding!

Thank you,

Maureen C.

I was very impressed with the detailed and itemized list of work that Ames Kaiser and I had discussed.  He listed each item individually and was specific in what was to be done. Each time I called, I spoke with a knowledgeable, pleasant woman in the office. Ames returned my calls promptly, and gave me his personal cell phone number to call back. The crew that came to do the work was also very knowledgeable and professional. The work was done neatly and no mess was left in my yard. I would hire them again in a minute, not just for tree cutting but for tree maintenance and to preserve the health of my trees. I was very impressed.

Marge S.

Thank you very much.  It was certainly nice and easy dealing with your company.

Thank you again,

Bernie F.

Our largest job with Kaiser Tree was when we had them remove 85 pine trees that were dead or dying from an infestation. After removing those we had them plant a hedge of 60 plus arborvitae’s.  I was impressed by their company in all facets. Promptness, speed, efficiency, professionalism and a very nice finished product. They buried a soaker hose alongside to help water and set it up on a timer. We had them do the recommended fertilization and ended up losing only one tree which they replaced at no charge. There was also some grading with loom and seeding done after some scrub brush was removed that also came out very nice. This was only one job of maybe 2 dozen since 2005, and they always get it right.

Brian J.

The crew did a great job and was helpful with identification and advice, and took the time to talk me through possible future scenarios regarding landscaping and stream building.

Thank you,

Jerilyn S.

Excellent service. Got right back to me if voicemail picked up when I called.  Scheduled all three application appointments at once. Haven’t seen any ticks at all!

Susan S.

We contacted Kaiser Tree Preservation Co. in April 2013 to have our yard’s perimeter treated for ticks after four members of our family contracted Lyme Disease during the summer of 2012.  Kaiser Tree is an excellent company across the board–punctual, professional, and competent in every service they offer. After being impressed with their tree service (both removal and planting), we decided to use them for tick spraying.  We noticed immediate improvement in tick activity in our immediate yard. They spray the perimeter of our yard very thoroughly 4 times through the active tick season and always call a day or so ahead prior to their actual spraying.  We will continue to use this company for our tree and yard services, and most definitely, future tick and mosquito control. We give our highest recommendation and feel fortunate to be able to rely on their expertise.

Caroline F.

It went very well from first phone call. I had the written proposal within 2 days. I called to accept, fax the paperwork, and the job was completed a week from receipt of my signature. They arrived a little early, which was great! The lead on the job took his crew around my property tree by tree pointing out what exactly had to be done (with over a dozen trees to take care of, they each had different needs and instructions….which had been typed up for them on a detailed list). They got right to work. When job was done I gave it a careful viewing (I am very particular and I also know how trees grow…and the difference between a chop job and a trimming and pruning done by someone who understands tree growth). I was very happy with the result! My yews were trimmed so well that they are all cleaned up but don’t look like someone just cut them. My birch trees were cut away from the house and from over the roof, but they still look full and well-shaped. The severely neglected pines look great also!

Todd Y.

What I was looking for was someone to optimize my lot, saving as many trees as possible, instead of just cutting trees down. I got exactly that! I stayed home when Kaiser Tree was doing this project. I was a real pain when they were trimming up the trees. I chose every limb that they cut down, and they were very courteous with me through this whole process. This company does quality work up to the end, not leaving until you are happy with what you ask for. I have 20 years of experience in project management for projects exceeding $10MM, so I usually get involved to make sure expectations are clearly known, then achieved. And with this project, it was accomplished. This was an involved project and Kaiser Tree and I spent time planning and communicating to ensure it went well. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Ongoing – I am only calling Kaiser Tree for work on my property.