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Sandi and Randy G.

Many thanks for the fantastic job you all did at our house –we’re thoroughly enjoying the “open sky”! From your easy-going nature to your surgical precision and overall great work ethic, we’re very happy to be the recipients of your skills. To all the guys (and Christine too!) Thank you!

Mr. Stephen S.

The wood was delivered on time.  I have found that most “seasoned” wood in these part is not fully seasoned at all often requiring an additional summer of weathering.  That does not appear to be the case with Kaiser because there wood appears seasoned from the start.  The wood sounds seasoned and when I split […]

Bob and Linda C.

Just a quick note to say thanks –and to compliment the crew that did the work…They were professional, efficient, neat and a really nice crew of guys.  We have already received several compliments on the work they did. Very truly yours,

Kathy L.

Thanks for picking out a good tree.  It looks great.

Tony and Betty F.

We send heartfelt thanks for the work your crew did for our Azalea Gardens.  The storms did so much damage to the trees and bushes in this area.  Your bringing men and equipment to help with our clean-up was greatly appreciated.  So much cutting and chipping was accomplished!  Come back and see the Azaleas in […]

Janine P.

Your tech did a great job.  We already see a huge difference in the mosquito population.

Susan S.

We contacted Kaiser Tree Preservation Co. in April 2013 to have our yard’s perimeter treated for ticks after four members of our family contracted Lyme Disease during the summer of 2012.  Kaiser Tree is an excellent company across the board–punctual, professional, and competent in every service they offer. After being impressed with their tree service […]

Sharon L.

They are very good about calling ahead and we’ve seen far fewer ticks so far this year than last…fall is worst so time will tell.  Happy so far because, after such a wet winter was expecting tick increase.  What’s extra great about this company is that a professional, knowledgeable person answers the phone or calls […]

Lisa and Richard T.

Thank you for a superb job trimming our trees so that we again have our water view.  We are most grateful for the thorough job you did, the care you took to keep the shape of the trees –yet accomplish your aim –and our aim.  Your men were courteous, efficient, caring and did a beautiful […]

Mr. and Mrs. D.

Hello all!  We are soooooooo pleased with the tree trim, the men were professional.  All the good we heard by word of mouth is true and we will continue that. Thanks again,