Certified Arborists

Serving Rhode Island since 1974


Trees afford us shade, provide us with flowers and fruit, and offer character to our landscapes. As much as we enjoy trees, sometimes they need to be removed. When diseased or damaged, they become weak and brittle, endangering anyone walking or playing near them as well as houses, cars, and utility lines. Such trees also may obstruct views and block sunlight to gardens or porches.  To maintain a safe and enjoyable property, the sad time may come to “give them the axe.”

Our highly-trained arborists expertly, safely, and efficiently remove even the largest trees. If over houses, sheds, power lines or gardens, we use special rigging to gently and precisely lower branches without damaging surroundings. Trees in very precarious positions sometimes only can be removed safely with cranes.



This diseased American Elm, for instance, was looming over the steeple of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Wickford. Church leaders trusted the professionals at Kaiser Tree to safely remove it, without damaging the historic building. Due to tree size, condition, and complete lack of access, we used a crane to remove the tree in pieces. We lifted the pieces over the church and set them down in the street on the opposite side, where police stopped traffic.


Here we use a crane to remove a pine from a fenced-in backyard. We cut it, lift the entire tree into a nearby open field, and then process it in our “whole tree chipper”, which turns the entire, huge white pine into wood chips in minutes!


Our bucket trucks are all outfitted with lawn protection “mats.” We lay the mats down and drive over them, which distributes the weight of the truck and eliminates lawn damage.

Plus, thanks to our unique limb rigging and lowering systems, we can take down even the tallest of trees without ever damaging what is near them!

At Kaiser Tree, we pride ourselves on leaving work sites clean and tidy- another major reason we are #1 when it comes to happy clients! In fact, when Kaiser Tree crews leave a job, the only evidence of our ever having been there is a new abundance of sunlight where the tree once stood.

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It was fun talking with you, and we thank you very much for your help with the trees.  Removing the pines opened the front up and we actually like it better!

Take care,

Cynthia and Chuck B. Narragansett, RI March 12, 2015

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You guys were awesome and professional. Your men cleaned up after the job and removed the logs. I was watching the 4 guys work together and they were like a well-oiled machine. I would gladly recommend your company.

Raymond C. West Greenwich, RI March 12, 2015