Certified Arborists

Serving Rhode Island since 1974


Trees need to be pruned periodically to:

  • promote healthy, strong growth
  • eliminate deadwood for safety
  • allow increased air and sunlight penetration
  • retain the lush foliage required for tree-created privacy
  • remove weight at limb ends to reduce the chance of breakage
  • remove branches coming in contact or crowding structures and wires
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tree pruning services ri ma ct
tree pruning services ri ma ct

tree pruning services ri ma ct
tree pruning services ri ma ct

It went very well from first phone call. I had the written proposal within 2 days. I called to accept, fax the paperwork, and the job was completed a week from receipt of my signature. They arrived a little early, which was great! The lead on the job took his crew around my property tree by tree pointing out what exactly had to be done (with over a dozen trees to take care of, they each had different needs and instructions....which had been typed up for them on a detailed list). They got right to work. When job was done I gave it a careful viewing (I am very particular and I also know how trees grow...and the difference between a chop job and a trimming and pruning done by someone who understands tree growth). I was very happy with the result! My yews were trimmed so well that they are all cleaned up but don't look like someone just cut them. My birch trees were cut away from the house and from over the roof, but they still look full and well-shaped. The severely neglected pines look great also!

Warwick, RI

We recently had some advice and pruning of trees from your company.  I just wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with the results.  The fact that your workers were prompt, (even early) and left our yard and our neighbor’s very clean is a tribute to each person.  In this day and age when many are quick to complain, we decided it is most important to let you know that we and our tree are happy.


Narragansett, RI