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Cabling and Bracing

As your trees mature, large limbs can become prone to storm damage from high winds and ice loads. Cabling is often used by arborists to add strength to a weak point in a tree, thus reducing the chance of breakage. Certain trees have naturally weak joints that are more susceptible to breakage than others. Trees with steep angled “V” crotches are more prone to breakage than ones with “U” shaped crotches.

U Crotch – Generally Safe

V Crotch – Needs Cable

tree cables and braces
tree cables and braces

The trained arborists at Kaiser Tree will identify any weak limbs and crotches, and prescribe cabling or bracing systems to support the tree’s weakest points, greatly increasing its resistance to hurricanes and storms.

Arborist Installing a Tree Cable

tree cables and braces
tree cables and braces
tree cables and braces
The only thing holding this tree together is the cable!

If you see cracks or evidence of stress in tree crotches, it’s time to CALL Kaiser Tree to protect your property…and to insure your trees will survive coming storms.

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Thanks for taking care of our tree damaged by the winter storm.


Heidi H. Jamestown, RI March 12, 2015

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Your entire crew was great!  Professional, friendly, safety-conscious, thorough, knowledgeable, just to name a few qualities.  I will (and already have) refer Kaiser Tree to anyone that needs tree services.

Thank you,

Pat D. Narragansett, RI March 11, 2015