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Living Fences (Hedges)

Need a visual barrier but not an ugly, maintenance requiring fence? How about a beautiful “Living Fence” from Kaiser Tree instead? Our horticulturalists can install trees up to 20’ tall, eliminating the time it takes for smaller plants to mature into effective privacy hedges.

Several suggestions for creating a maintenance free hedge that perform well in our area:

Arborvitae (Green Giant)

arborvitae green giant



Cypress (Leyland)

cypress leyland

Mixed Evergreen

mixed evergreen


privet hedge

All plantings are guaranteed for one year!

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Our largest job with Kaiser Tree was when we had them remove 85 pine trees that were dead or dying from an infestation. After removing those we had them plant a hedge of 60 plus arborvitae's.  I was impressed by their company in all facets. Promptness, speed, efficiency, professionalism and a very nice finished product. They buried a soaker hose alongside to help water and set it up on a timer. We had them do the recommended fertilization and ended up losing only one tree which they replaced at no charge. There was also some grading with loom and seeding done after some scrub brush was removed that also came out very nice. This was only one job of maybe 2 dozen since 2005, and they always get it right.

Bernie F. Middletown, RI March 5, 2015

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The crew did a great job and was helpful with identification and advice, and took the time to talk me through possible future scenarios regarding landscaping and stream building.

Thank you,

Brian J. Exeter, RI March 5, 2015