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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are possibly the single greatest nuisance plaguing our summer. As the evening arrives, so do the mosquitoes, making it hard to enjoy the yard, the pool, or even the deck!  But they can be much more than mere “nuisances” that leave itchy welts: They can also spread diseases that seriously sicken, permanently disable, or even kill their victims. Mosquito-borne diseases include, but are not limited to, West Nile Virus and EEE, which have sickened or killed thousands in the USA. Local mosquitoes can carry both.

Because RI is generally wet, abounding with swamps, ponds, and brackish waters, it is an ideal mosquito breeding ground. CT is much the same, making these regions very prone to regular unwanted visitors!

In 2008, Kaiser Tree, a long respected regional expert in tree insect control, launched Ocean State Tick and Mosquito Control- a highly focused company specializing in the control of ticks and mosquitoes in residential landscapes…at reasonable prices.

Our two mosquito control services are described below:

Mosquito Treatment Program

To maintain a mosquito free or a greatly reduced mosquito population in your landscape, regular treatment is necessary. But also SAFE treatments should be a high priority for you, your family, and pets.  Many mosquito treatments are inexpensive… but unsafe. Others are safe, but ineffective.

The Talstar based treatment we use is the most highly recommended material for safe and effective mosquito control.

I, Ames Kaiser (owner), apply these sprays to my own yard several times per season to control ticks and mosquitoes. Why? Because I know that the program is family and pet safe… and it works.

The result? The treatments have eliminated ticks and reduced our mosquito population almost completely.

Depending on the level of control you seek, you can choose to have us spray anywhere from 3 to 6 times per season. Treatments are most effective for 3-4 weeks. To maintain the highest level of control, we recommend 3 week intervals between sprays.

Some families occupy their homes for only July and August.  For them, just 2 sprays per season can work!

Weddings and Event Sprays

To protect you and your guests from mosquitoes at weddings, barbecues, or other scheduled outdoor events, Ocean State Tick and Mosquito Control arrives at your site the morning of the event or the day before.

Ocean State Tick and Mosquito Control experts treat the entire event area with Talstar, a highly effective, recommended material that is environmentally friendly and will not leach into ground water.  Lawn and heavy vegetative areas receive particularly close attention from our staff.

After just one hour of drying, the yard will be 100% safe for use by adults, children, and pets.

Excellent mosquito control can be obtained from a well-timed wedding or special event spraying such as this.

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Your tech did a great job.  We already see a huge difference in the mosquito population.

Janine P. South Kingstown, RI March 12, 2015

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They are very good about calling ahead and we've seen far fewer ticks so far this year than last...fall is worst so time will tell.  Happy so far because, after such a wet winter was expecting tick increase.  What's extra great about this company is that a professional, knowledgeable person answers the phone or calls back immediately.  With all the businesses I deal with, this is a rare delight.  I've also used this company for ailing trees and bushes. Results are positive there also.


Sharon L. Kingstown, RI March 12, 2015

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I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the service your company provided me.  Today, good service is hard to come by and it’s nice to know companies like yours still consider the customer’s satisfaction first.  Your crew was very professional and courteous.  They treated each other with respect and had nothing but good things to say about working for your company.  Last year I received the same service from your company when I had several trees removed.  This consistency is a testimony to your company’s great reputation.

Thank you again

Wayne A. West Warwick, RI February 27, 2015