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Why do trees and shrubs need fertilization?

  1. To encourage root development.
    A plant with a healthy root system can uptake water and nutrient more readily, making it less susceptible to drought and health issues.
  2. To enhance beauty.
    Fertilization adds necessary elements such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which in turn make tree leaves greener, and flowers more vibrant.
  3. To promote stronger, healthier growth; not fast unsustainable growth.

Is fertilization safe?

Yes. We use a chemical free, all natural tree and shrub food.  It is safe for pets, wildlife, and will not run off and contaminate ponds and rivers.

How do we fertilize?

1. Deep Root Injection.
This is our most commonly used techniques for getting nutrient to shade trees and ornamentals.  The needle, shown in the photo, is designed to deliver product 6-8 inches below the soil level, where tree and shrub roots can easily access it.

Deep Root Injection
Herb Kaiser uses specialized equipment to inject bio stimulants into the soil around this Daphne to promote healthy root growth and increased nutrient uptake.  The end result will be a much more vibrant, bloom filled, and disease resistant plant in the future!

2. Soil Drench
This technique is used mainly for shrubs in a mulch bed, where soaking the bed is more practical, and deep injection is not necessary.

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I was very pleased with their service. We have a beautiful old oak that was beginning to dry up and lose leaves. It didn't look healthy.  We were thrilled that the tree recovered.  We would highly recommend them.

Gary S. Wakefield, RI March 11, 2015

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Kaiser is great, they have been so helpful to us in bringing back to life many of our Japanese Maple trees. We have several rare specimens and they were infested with Winter Moth and then with Cottony Scale. Last year they sprayed for both and did a deep root fertilization to all of our trees and shrubs and everything looks amazing this year. We couldn't be happier with the service. They are all very professional and very approachable. I highly recommend them!

Lisa K. Barrington, RI    March 3, 2015