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We split our cord wood at our shop in Exeter, RI. Kaiser Tree sells firewood by the “cord.” When stacked tightly, one cord measures 4’x4’x8′. When you order a cord of wood from Kaiser Tree, we guarantee you a full cord – not just what “fits on the truck” like some companies. We sell seasoned oak, maple, and hickory, and can deliver quantities of ½ cord and up. We cut and split our wood roughly one year before it is delivered.

Our Firewood Pile

firewood delivered ri

Firewood Being Loaded

firewood being loaded

Firewood Being Delivered

firewood delivered ri

A Stacked Cord

stacked firewood ri

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The wood was delivered on time.  I have found that most "seasoned" wood in these part is not fully seasoned at all often requiring an additional summer of weathering.  That does not appear to be the case with Kaiser because there wood appears seasoned from the start.  The wood sounds seasoned and when I split a couple of the larger pieces they were dry on the inside as well.  I am very happy.

Mr. Stephen S. Richmond, RI March 13, 2015

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Thank you very much.  It was certainly nice and easy dealing with your company.

Thank you again,

Marge S. South Kingstown, RI March 5, 2015